Wednesday, November 5, 2008

40 degrees with a Coffee in my Hand.

So the weather this week has made a turn for the worst?
No....for the better!

So here are a few of my ultimate favorite Coffee recipes
that can be enjoyed on cold days like this.

Creme Brulee
12 oz of steamed milk
1 oz of white chocolate sauce
1/2 oz of Italian eggnog syrup (Torani syrup)
1/2 oz of Caramel syrup
1 shot of espresso

Caramel Coconut:
12 oz steamed milk
1 oz caramel sauce
1/2 oz coconut syrup
1 shot of espresso

12 oz steamed milk
1/2 oz of hazelnut syurp
1/2 oz of almond syrup
1 shot of espresso

Now you can go to your local coffee shop
and enjoy a hot cup on a cold day.

* picture was taken on my previous pictures day with Kath.

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