Tuesday, November 8, 2011

365 Lucky Days

I love this type of Art.

What would it be called?

Cross Stitch?


I love the inspiration
that you find
on this Artist's Blog:
365 Lucky Days

And I love what Lucky says:  

"So I have had this goal for a while,
to make something every day for one year.
With any goal you need
and that is why I am committing myself,
in blog format,
to create with love
a new work of art every day
for the next 365 days."

Posted 1 Year Ago: "The Kissssing Blog"
3 Years Ago: "3 Days"

1 comment:

LaDonna said...

I Love!! the new format...great colors.
Pictures on fabric is called applique...the embroidery hoops are a nice touch.