Saturday, September 1, 2012

My Week in Instagrams

My Instagram-ing (if that is even a word... it is now) has been slacking this week.
It has been a busy week, to say the least.  To make up for it,
I have a story behind each of these pictures for you!

The Ice Cream above was my second batch of Huckleberry Ice Cream !
I seriously love this stuff.

After 6 months of telling myself that I needed a hair cut,
I finally made it to the salon.
My hair was almost to my butt... not good.
While I was there my stylist introduced me to this amazing stuff.
It is seriously powered gold in my opinion.
I have SUPER fine hair that will never hold any sort of volume.
But this texture powder gives your hair that matte feeling that keeps it put all day.

Our chickens have finally started consistently laying eggs.
Not all the chickens are laying, only four.
But each morning we get farm fresh eggs to enjoy!

On Thursday, Jon and Danielle made a spontaneous trip over to see us!
It is always so wonderful when family comes to visit
and we had such a great time...
Happy Hour at the Tamarak
BBQ Dinner
and Dessert by the bonfire. 

(Oh... and my new haircut!)


Kelsi Alexander said...

I LOVE that texture powder!! It works miracles on my hair!!!

Kendra Castillo said...

I love the chickens.. how you make chickens look like adorable accessories is beyond me :)

Ever Evolving said...

I thought your hair looked different! I just cut seven inches off mine and it feels amazing! It was so wonderful getting to see you two and hangout. Wish we had longer! Next time... Love ya!