Monday, February 18, 2013

19 Week Update

How Far Along:
19 Weeks

Size of the Baby:
  Baby is the size of a Mango!

Maternity Clothes:
In the past I have tried to wear something "cute"
when taking my weekly pregnancy update picture.
But today I thought to myself: "Forget that!" 
Let's be real for a minute.
My everyday attire looks a little something (okay a lot) like this...
Yoga pants, stretchy tee, wet hair in a bun, and minimal make-up.

Weight gain:
Since two weeks ago, I'm up to a total of 8lbs.

My hips are killing me.
Every morning my hips are throbbing so much from sleeping on my side all night
that it takes a couple hours for the throbbing to go away.
Any suggestions?

Best Moment of the Week:
Micah and I were able to do a few fun things this week...
 1. We went to a YWAM Staff Dinner
and I was able to wear a new Maternity dress that I bought.
2. Micah and I cooked a yummy dinner together for Valentines Day.
3. Micah and I were able to go to attend a "How To Host A Murder" Church Party,
which was a ton of fun and even though there were over a hundred people at the party,
each table of 8 played the game separately.
Here's a picture of Micah and I...

I notice the baby moving now
at certain times each day.

Food Cravings:
Popcorn... very salty popcorn.

Two more days till we find out!

Belly Button in or out:

Wedding ring on or off:

Anything making you queasy or sick:
Nothing new this week but I can finally eat chicken again!

What I miss:
Sleeping without being in pain all night.

What I am looking forward to:
Finding out if our baby is a boy or girl...
and then buying the cutest outfits.

Still looks like a mess, but were making progress.
And thanks to my talented friend Kelly,
I have my first piece of art to hang on the nursery wall.

Bed Rest Update:
I officially got the order from my midwife that I need to start "building up my strength"
after being on bed rest practically this whole time.
So what were her orders?
Take a walk around the block once a week.
I think I can manage that.


Jillian said...

Sleep with a pillow between your legs for the hip pain, and stretch before bed and in the morning(specifically pelvic tilts). I do feel your pain!

Ameryn Marie said...

I think that is the pregnancy uniform... that's exactly how I look right now. You still look cute though!
Also, I just splurged and got a snoogle loop maternity body pillow, it's sooooo comfy! It totally helps with hip pain and lower back pain. It also has kept me from rolling onto my back. So far it's totally worth the money.

Anonymous said...

Bed, Bath and Beyond sells a foam pillow for placing between your knees for sleeping on side. About $20

Ever Evolving said...

always love these weekly updates!! so glad you're gradually feeling better and able to do a bit more. restless/uncomfortable nights will be worth it for this sweet little babe! :) so exciting that you're feeling the little one move more now. Hope to see you in person before the little one is born so I can see that cute belly of yours! ;)