Monday, September 1, 2008

Glacier. Fog. Family

I have been to Glacier National Park many times,
but never when it was snowing.
But despite the snow,
the cold,
and the wind,
it had an enchanting fog to it.
Almost like a movie or a fairy tale.

Usually Micah and I like to go to the park
at least a few times during the summer.
But this was our first trip this year.

If I lived in a fairy tale
my home would be somewhere around here.
In the mountains,
in the fog,
near a waterfall.
But only if I lived in a fairy tale...
in real life I like the city.

We had a wonderful time with the family.


Tiffany said...

gorgeous! looks like so much fun! miss you all...

RenderingRisch said...

It's beautiful. It looks similar to where they filmed lord of the rings.