Friday, September 12, 2008

Part 1

Day one...

A trip to Bellingham, WA to visit Jon.

We could not go there without visiting the boat dock. There were so many beautiful Sailboats in the harbor.

Barnacles and shells lived everywhere. They looked like jewels decorating the harbor. I remember being a kid and hating when you had to step on them when you visited the tide pools. Listing and feeling them crunch under your feet. Luckily these were living on the posts and not the ground.

Then we hiked to a beach where we found this neat train tunnel. Which proved to be a wonderful spot to picture.

The beach was quite unwalkable though. I am guessing not too many people visit this beach because the sand it so mushy that once you put your weight down on it your feet sink about a foot deep into mud and sand. I unfortunately had to find out the hard way...

... and I have the stains to prove it

There was a beautiful view of the San Juan Islands.

The only way to get back to our car was to climb the steep pictured here, making our own trail as we went.

It was such a fun day.