Friday, April 24, 2009

Mexico - Part One

As you might know,
I was in Mexico
during the first two weeks of April.

Here are some of the pictures...

This was where we stayed.
You can see Lake Chapala in the background.
It was a beautiful view.
Especially beautiful at night
when the lights of the city illuminated the lake shore.

There were the most vibrant colored flowers.

Many homes had these
(home-made) planter boxed nailed to the walls.
They made me smile.

But we did go there with a purpose.
The purpose was to build a home.

Tomorrow I will be posting pictures of the building process.

But I will leave you with this...

These chickens looked like
they had been to hell and back.
Feathers missing...
skinny as a rail...
but they still decided to cluck
the whole time we were working.
This too put a smile on my face.

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