Monday, October 29, 2012

Color Palette - Flannel Colors

I'm back!
Thanks for sticking with me during my unexpected two week blog break.
Micah and I took some much needed vacation time to rest up after a busy summer,
and I expected to continue to blog during that time. 
But the moment I arrived at our destination, which was Seattle,
getting on my computer was the last thing on my mind.
I literally used my computer twice in two weeks.
It was a nice break.

But now that I am back, I am excited to start sharing with you
all the lovely things I find while browsing the web,
yummy recipes that I try,
and just little snippets of my life.

Something that I have been loving recently is Flannel.
I love how, in a flannel shirt, you can weave together colors,
that normally would not go together,
and it turns out so perfectly matched and stylish.
Time to start sporting my flannels!!

image via: piccsy

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