Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Before Midnight

If you grew up as a teen in the 90's, like me,
then you no doubt remember this movie...

Who could forget Jesse and Celine
and their one day romance that made every teenage girl
dream of one day being stuck in a record closet with Ethan Hawk.
 Am I right Ladies??

And then there was this sequel 9 years later,
where they spontaneously meet again.

Well, guess what...
they're back with their third film, Before Midnight.

Here is my dilemma...
I loved the first film, but I hated the second!
 So I'm plagued with the questions...

1. Will I even like the new movie?

2. Are the heavily wordy philosophical debates,
that are the signature behind this movie franchise,
even appealing outside of the 1990's.

3. Has my age and life experiences caused me to respond
to these "heavily wordy philosophical debates" with:
"No ones got time for that. I have dishes to do."

These are the questions I ask myself while I'm on "pregnancy rest".
I know, quite sad, but I've clearly ran out of things to do.

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