Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 Recap

2012 has been a big year.
Definitely full of its highs and lows...
but isn't every year like that?

Here is a little recap of a few of my favorite 2012 moments!

To kick the year off, I was able to meet up with two dear friends in Salt Lake City
I will always remember that trip as one of the best experiences I have had.
Not only because I learned a ton about blogging,
but because I was able to spend an amazing 3 days with these ladies.
Wish we could all join up again for the 2013 Alt.

In February, I had a bunch of DIY's.
One of my favorites and most practical being this Vanilla Extract DIY!

March was a St. Patrick's Day celebration spent with Family.

And April was a quiet Easter at home.

In May, I was back to DIY-ing.
And these awesome Jute Bottles
are still being used in my house to this day!

I was honored to be able to throw my dear friend Ruthie a baby shower at the beginning of June.
And even thought it was suppose to be a summer backyard party, the weather had other plans.
No worries, we just moved everything inside at the very last minute and improvised!

Micah and I were also able to go to Nebraska to visit family for a week.
So much sun, BBQ-ing, and fun!

July always kicks off summer here in Montana
and my July was full of Summer gardening and BBQ's.

I was also able to make a quick trip to California to visit friends and family.
Woohoo for back to back vacations!

In August, Micah and I celebrated our 6 year anniversary!
So we decided to take a quick little mini-vaca up to Whitefish Mountain Resort.
(Oh, and Silas had a little boo-boo)

October was when things began to get really busy.
It was during this month that we began the IVF process and traveled to Seattle for two weeks.
But we did some fun things during our off-time (aka when we weren't in the doctors office).

In November I started a book club!
For the month of January we are reading "Between Shades of Grey"...
NOT to be mistook for the other "Shades of Grey" series.

And, of course, in December we made the best announcement ever!...

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