Monday, June 25, 2012

Ruthie's Baby Shower

Saturday came and went faster than I could have imagined.
That's usually the case when your day is busy busy busy.

Busy baking and frosting a 4 layered Raspberry Cream Filled Cake,
arranging beautiful peonies in my new blue mason jars,
making fabric kites to be strung around the house...
and cleaning my house.

It was all for my dear friend Ruthie's Baby Shower
and it was so worth all the work.

Funny story...

Originally the baby shower was going to be held in my backyard.
I love parties that are outside amidst all the flowers and trees.
You don't have to do much decorating because the landscaping becomes the decoration!
So at around 5pm I started decorating.
I began to string handmade fabric kites from the trees.
I began to put the flowers out and decorate the dessert buffet tables.
It was looking gorgeous. And then, I saw it.
The gloomy grey black clouds rolling over the mountain tops. Nooooooooo!
I waited about 30 minutes, just watching them. Then the thunder began.
I sighed. I began to pack up all my hard work, piece by piece, and moved it all inside.
And thanks to Micah and Mackenzie, we were able to decorate my living room and kitchen
to look like the Garden Kite Flying Baby Shower I had envisioned.

So thank you Micah and Mackenzie for all your help and hard work.
I'm quite proud of ourselves.

And thank you Ruthie, for being such a good friend.
We love you!


Carly said...

That cake looks amazing!


Morgan Nicole Ilg said...

awwww I bet this was so sweet. I love those pictures.
have a wonderful day!