Friday, June 22, 2012

Mount Rushmore

I have a bucket list of places I want to visit during my life.
It's an ever growing list because I always find something new that I just HAVE to go see.
Just yesterday, for example, I was watching the Dicovery Channel
and they had a special on Yosimite National Park.
I've been there numerous times, but I have never taken the trail to the top of Half Dome.
Well... after watching the special, I now HAVE to go to the top.
All that to say, I have a travel/sigh-seeing bucket list.
And on Monday I was able to cross one off my list.

Mount Rushmore

Both Micah and I loved it!

We also took some time to enjoy the view of the Midwestern Prairie Land...
which totally reminded me of Little House on the Prairie.
We even took a short detour to see a local artist's version of Stone Henge.
The artist called their adaptation "Carhenge".
It was quite a hoot! 

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