Friday, June 29, 2012

Girl Behind the Blog

Well, I did it again. I made another video blog.
Thank you, Ashley and Nicole, for hosting yet another fun link-up.
 This months topic was "A Little More" about the girl behind the blog.
So here is a little more about me that you might not have known.



Mackenzie @ said...

Why are you so cute? Also, I would describe your style as "please Jenn, dress me, I need your style help. And come decorate my house."

5ohWifey said...

Omgsh you are too cute! That's awesome that you and the hubbs are missionaries! And sun-in? Hahaha that's a big NO for me. I used it once and literally my whole head turned orange. Like, carrot orange. But you're hair looks amazing you lucky girl! so glad you linked up.

Michaela {au naturel design} said...

This was SO cute and fun. It's amazing getting to know you and other bloggers, being real people. The missionary work sounds amazing. Building for others and sharing not only the word of God but kindness towards others. Thanks so much for sharing more about you! :)