Saturday, July 20, 2013

Tessa - One Month

Wait... what?!?!?
How has a month gone by already?
People keep telling me that time will go by so quickly now that I have a baby.
And you know what...


I swear this has been the quickest month of my life...
But it's been a wonderful month.

Last weight check was on the 8th and she weighed 6lbs 10oz.
Woohoo for gaining weight!

19.5 inches

Clothing Size:
She finally fits well into newborn size clothing!
When she was born she was just slightly too big for the premie size,
yet slightly too small for newborn.

Eye Color:
Dark Blue.
It will be fun to see if they stay the same color or change.

Both Micah and I were shocked when she was born with a TON of DARK hair.
We were both born with light hair, so we were kinda expecting that she would be the same.
Nope... dark brown!
But over the past month her hair has lightened up significantly.
Now it is much more of a medium auburn color... 
and, I'm happy to say, it has hints of red in there as well! 

She's working on lifting her head.
If she's resting on our chest, then she'll definitely lift her head too see us.
But if she's spending some "tummy time" on the play mat,
then shes a bit more hesitant...
she's trying though.
And she is doing a great job at making eye contact and watching us...
which just melts my heart.

I've heard some of the cutest squeals and coos when she is awake and playing around.
I have also heard some of the loudest screams when she is not so happy.

She has somewhat of a pattern now with when she is awake and when she is the most sleepy.
From around 11am to 12:30pm she is awake and ready to play!
And she seems to be content most of the time by entertaining herself.
During her awake times, if you hold her too much,
she will actually cry until to put her down right next to you,
so she can just watch you and her surrounding and kick her legs.
(she might look like her daddy, but I have a feeling she just might be an introvert like her mommy)
She also has a very alert time around 9pm - 11pm...
just about the time Micah and I are wanting to go to sleep.

She has been a good sleeper so far.
She usually has a pattern of sleeping for two or two and a half hours
before she wakes up to eat and have her diaper changed.
Then she will go right back to sleep.
There have only been a few nights (like last night)
where it seemed that she was wanting to eat ever hour!

Tessa's Favorites:
She's loving her activity gym!
Even though shes a bit to young still to reach out and grab the toys,
she will stare at them for a good 30 minutes when were playing.

Mommy's favorites:
Our little unofficial bedtime routine.
Since one of her most alert times is at night,
I love getting her all ready for bed (especially if its bath day),
bringing her into our bed for some playtime
(playtime being that she stares at us and makes cooing  noises),
turning on her sound soother,
then feeding her until she's in a cute little "milk coma"
and putting her to bed.

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