Sunday, August 11, 2013

Happy 7th Anniversary

Just look at those youngsters!
It is such a true saying that as you grow older,
time seems to go by faster and faster.
I say to myself:
"Seven years! Really?!? It can't be that long already".
But at the same time it feels like life has always been this way.
Micah and I.

We met in the Fall of 2003... almost 10 years ago!
I was 22 at the time and Micah was 20 (I robbed the cradle...hehehe)
and I remember the exact spot where we were standing.
For you Lakeside Montana YWAM'ers reading,
we met in the Lecture Hall when we both joined a group to play the game "Signs".
Unfortunately it was not the "love at first sight" kinda moment.
It was more of the (and I quote)...

Micah: "I don't want to be your friend." 

... kinda moment.
But hey, I can get passed that.
And clearly we like each other now... we have a kid together. :)
And we have pictures, tons of pictures of our wedding day, seven years ago.

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