Friday, October 11, 2013

Tessa - Three (and a half) Months

Holy lack of blogging!!!

Right after I gave birth to Tessa I said to myself...
"I'm gonna be so up to date on blogging everything about her.
I'll blog updates each month.
I'll blog and document all of her 'firsts'".

Well, lets just say that reality sunk in.
What was that "reality?
It's the reality that finding time to blog as a mom is hard!
I now have a whole new respect for you mom bloggers out there
who can do it and do it well.
I'll keep reading and fully enjoying your blogs,
dreaming of the day I'll find the time to post on mine.

But, now that I'm here...
Here's Tessa's three (and a half) month update!

Tessa now weighs 11.5 lbs.
Which, by the way, is not even Tessa's cousin Cefwyn's birth weight!
My sister had her 5th baby 5 weeks before Tessa was born.
She had a home birth and her son weighed 11 lbs 8 oz.
She is my birthing role model!

Clothing Size:
She is wearing 0-3 month clothing now and I have to say,
packing up her newborn outfits one by one is such a sad thing.

Eye Color:
Her eyes are still blue.
Light blue in the center and darker towards the outside.

It keeps getting lighter...
and a bit more strawberry too!

She is moving and shaking that's for sure!
She loves to move in her bouncy chair and get that thing bouncing.
She also is super active when I'm changing her diaper on her changing table.
That is probably because I have her clothes hanging up above her
so she is able to stare at all the colorful dresses!
She's also doing great and lifting and balancing her head on tummy time.
Plus, she has started to balance her back upright while sitting on our laps.
Next step... rolling over and sitting up! Maybe next month?

She has definitely got her "Ah-goos" and "Gaaas" solidified into her vocabulary.
And she just loves our "talking time".
That's when I prop her up on my lap and we just talk and talk and talk.

She is still loving her activity gym.
Plus, now she can actually reach out and grab the toys and try to bring them to her mouth.
We've also started "reading time" during the day.
She just loves to reach out and grab the book as I'm trying to read to her. :)

Whoever said that babies will start to sleep more as they hit three months
obviously did not take every baby into consideration...
because Tessa has definitely regressed on the sleeping routine.
At one point she slept about 5 hours straight, but unfortunately that's not the case anymore.
Our nightly routine goes like this:
1. Tessa will fall asleep around 8:00.
2. I wake her to nurse around 11 or 1130, right before I go to sleep.
3. Nurse again at 2:30.
4. At 3:00, place pacifier back in Tessa's mouth because she spit it out and has woken up.
5. Nurse again at 4:30.
6. Wake at 5:00 to place pacifier back in her mouth again.
7. Nurse AGAIN at 5:30. 
8. Somewhere in between 5:30 and 7:00 I either place paci back in her mouth or turn the sound soother back on agian... but I'm so tired I don't even check the time.
9. Finally, at 7:00, bring Tessa into the bed with me (because Micah just left for work) and nurse her till we both fall asleep.
10. Sleep soundly together a full 2 - 2 1/2 hours... or until around 9:00ish.
11. Wake up and make a TON of coffee.

Tessa's Favorites:
She finally doesn't protest when I put her in the wrap.
She will actually sit contently and eventually fall asleep!
She also LOVES the mirror and seeing her and mommy's reflection.
As a matter of fact, she love it when anyone looks at her.
If she sees someone looking at her (especially smiling at her)
she will just light up with a big toothless grin!

Mommy's favorites:
I love the smiles she gives me, especially when she is waking up from a nap or in the morning.
The moment she sees my face she will give the sweetest smile of happiness.

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