Sunday, December 1, 2013

Christmas Gifts

Happy December 1st!
Have you started thinking about Christmas gifts for your loved ones yet?

After reminding myself in my previous blog post
not to go too overboard with the Christmas gifts for Tessa,
I feel like Micah and I did a pretty good job
at keeping the gift level perfect and not too extravagant.
With that said, I still wanted to make sure
we bought good quality toys for her that would last for years.
For that we turned to one of my all time favorite stores... 
The Land of Nod

I love the feel, look, and quality of good old fashioned wooden toys.
There is just something about knowing that these toys will stand the test of time (hopefully)
and that I'll be able to pull them out for my grandchildren to play with one day.

So this year we got Tessa a few different items ...

1. Can't Spell ABC Abacus
2. Baby First Christmas Ornament
3. Classic Baby Beads
4. Nesting Xylophone

 I know the Xylophone is a bit too "old" for Tessa
(she will only be 6 months a Christmas)
but I figured I would start racking up the toys for the next few years now,
while she does not know what Christmas is.

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