Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tessa - 6 Months

I hope you all have had a wonderful holiday.
Can you believe that this year is almost over?!
Micah, Tessa, and I are still vacationing with family in Washington
(hence the reason why this post is a bit overdue).
Nevertheless, here is our little Tessa's 6 month update...
can you believe that she is already 6 months!
She needs to stop growing up right now!

14.6 lbs

Clothing Size:
Were Still in size 3-6 month...
but quickly outgrowing some of them.

Eye Color:

(it really depends on the light)

I've added a new section this month because...
Tessa got her first tooth!!!
(bottom, left, front tooth)
She was such a champ too.
She never really ran a fever and there was only a handful of times
where she was fussy from the pain.
I like to think it was due to the Baltic Amber Teething Necklace.

Were a sitting baby now!!!
And still squirmy as ever...

Tessa can definitely be a chatty one at times.
She's really into her "dadadadada" and "mamamamama" repetitions,
and she has a great time making razzing and growling noises
accompanied by TONS of spit that she loves to blow out of her mouth.

I feel like since she hit 6 months she has found a whole new love for all of her toys.
She interacts with them so intently
and sometimes she wants 2 or 3 toys to play with at the same time.
And if you cut playtime off to quickly, she lets you know it by her protests.
Some of her favorites are still her Sofie the Giraffe , her activity gym, and her jumperoo,
but we also bought this musical toy for her stocking at Christmas and she seems fascinated by it.

Well, we had a few good nights in a row where we were getting 5 hour stretches.
But then a growth spurt hit sometime around Christmas and that all went to pot.
Now she is still waking up about every 3 hours (or less) to nurse.
Surprisingly though, I'm not too worried about it.
I keep reminding myself that she's getting as much breastmilk that she can get
and, in my opinion, that's never a bad thing.

Tessa's Favorites:
Tessa is at that magical age where, if you smile at her,
she will give you the biggest smile you have ever seen back. 

Mommy's favorites:
There are times, early in the morning, when I will bring Tessa into bed with me
so we can enjoy some mommy-daughter snuggle-time.
I'll nurse her, then we both will fall back to sleep for another hour or two.
My favorite part is when Tessa will wake me up after a few hours of sleeping...
I'll open my eyes to find her staring at me,
talking in her cute baby babble, and stretching out to play with my face.
I just melt every time.

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life as Mrs. said...

aw yes they are so alike right now! I love how same with McKenzie People are her favorite right now. I tell everyone I swear it's like I make so many new friends because of her. Everyone wants to stop and talk and smile with the happy baby :)

And we're on tooth #3! :( :( I need to get a amber necklace i think!