Friday, November 8, 2013

Tessa's Favorties - Toy

 I can't even begin to tell you how blessed we were
with gifts for Tessa from friends and family.
Beyond blessed!

We received so much from people,
that when it came time for me to choose what to add to this "Tessa's Favorties" list,
it was seriously one of the hardest things to narrow down.
 But here is a small list of toys that both Tessa and Mommy love!

I am a huge reader and lover of classic books.
And I know I want to (try to) raise Tessa with a love and appreciation for reading as well.
So when I discovered these Primary Books based on classic literature,
I knew I would simply fall in love.
We have six of these books for Tessa...
And with the brightly illustrated pages, 
Tessa is easily entertained.
The next book I want for her is Anna Karinina
and you'll never believe what kind of primary book it is... A Fashion Primer!

Lamaze Developmental Toys
When looking for developmental toys,
there are so many different kinds out there that it can be overwhelming.
Plus, it's hard not to find toys that are super cheesy.
I fell in love with this brand and their plush set of Stacking Rings.
Obviously Tessa is too young to actually start "stacking" the rings...
but she loves the bright colors and the different textures of each ring.
She will happily play with them (aka put them in her mouth).
We also have the Soft Sorter, which Tessa loves just as much.
She will just grab the box and start squishing it in her arms,
and each sorter makes a different sound.
Some rattle, some jingle, some crinkle.
I'm even debating on buying her the Musical Inchworm.

Every baby needs a Sophie right?

Again, I loved this brand because they were not super cheesy
and they had a pretty color palette.

 I have been swooning over these Mushroom Rattles 
from Land Of Nod for quite sometime now.
But with their price + the price of shipping,
I just could not bring myself to justify the purchase.
Then I found these almost identical rattles on Amazon!
Clearly Tessa needed a rattle in the shape of a mushroom
(as if she already did not have a ton of "rattling toys".

I was totally petrified when we gave Tessa her first bath.
I was worried that...
1. I would drop her.
2. I would get soap in her eyes.
3. The water would be too hot.
So far I haven't dropped her, I only got soap in her eyes once (poor baby),
and this Turtle Thermometer is a life saver.
Now, I always know that the water temp is perfect
and she has a fun toy to play with.
Win Win in my opinion!

I'm pretty sure Tess has started teething.
Massive amounts of drool soak her onsies hourly.
And while she loves her Sophie for teething,
I also noticed that she needed somehting to really grab ahold of.
She can hug Sophie up to her mouth, but she can't grasp her with her tiny hands yet.
So these teething rings, made by the same company that makes Sophie, are just perfect.
They are also Phthalates and BPA free, which is important to me.
And, as an added bonus, they smell deliciously of vanilla!

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