Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tessa - 5 Months

This little wiggle worm just won't stay still for photos anymore.
I think I took over 100 photos just to get one
where she wasn't moving and where she was smiling.
My energetic little girl!

12.5 lbs

Clothing Size:
3-6 month

Eye Color:
Blue. I did notice they are turning a bit more grey-blue!

Her hair has started coming in thicker on the top of her head
and its getting lighter!

We hit some major milestones this month...

1. Rolling over! What an exciting day that was.
Now i can barely keep her in one spot without her trying to flip over.

2. Standing (well, not really, but she wants to!)
She will push up against anything and everything that you put under her feet.
And she just loves when you help her stand up.

3. Sitting up (again, not really, but she is trying).
She is all about sitting up in your lap.
No longer are the days when she will just recline and let you snuggle her.
Nope, she want to sit up and check out the world!

4. Head stability.
She can now hold her head steady
while being pulled from the laying position to sitting upright. 

5. And of course, the wiggling.
Here are a few pics from our photo shoot to prove it... 

Tess is definitely "finding her voice".
She has begun to... oh how should I put this... protest vocally. 
When she is mad, you know it.
And it's not the mad cries of an infant, it's the yells and and high pitched screams
of someone who wants to let you know that she's not happy. 
I am beginning to wonder what might be in store for us in a few years.

One of the cutest moments in my day
is when I take Tessa to look at her reflection in the mirror.
She will instantly start to move her arms and legs, smile real big,
and I'll even get a laugh out of her!
 It's also wonderful to see her start to actually play with toys.
Micah put together her Jumperoo this week.
I initially thought she would be to small for it,
but with a few modifications (blanket under her feet and a small pillow at her back)
she will happily jump and play with her toys for about 10 minutes at a time.

I feel like were at a stand still with our sleep situation.
Daytime naps are a bit tough.
She will take around 3-4 quick cat-nap for about 20 minutes max a day.
Which, unfortunately leaves Mama with not much time to get anything done.
And then our nighttime sleep hasn't really improved much.
She will go to bed around 8pm and have a good long stretch of sleep till about 1:30am,
but then after that who knows when or how many times she will wake.
Some nights she will wake up twice and other nights I feel like I am up every hour.
I have had a bunch of wonderful advise and we have tried some of it.
So if you have any tricks of the mommy-trade to offer me, I'm all ears!

Tessa's Favorites:
Tessa loves to stare out the window of the car when we are out on a drive.
Micah and I will catch her wide eyed, mouth agape, just watching the trees pass by.
Tessa, being a baby in this technological age, is also fascinated with our phones.
I can't tell you how many times I have been browsing Instagram on my phone while nursing her,
only to have it come to my attention that she stopped nursing and is enjoying all the photos too.
I guess this is something I'm going to need to get use to. 

Mommy's favorites:
Her pudgy cheeked sleeping face right after I've nursed her to sleep.


LaDonna Childress said...

Tessa is changing so much...she is such a pretty girl!!! To think she weights a little less than 1 lb more than her cousin Cefwyn when he was born... :)

life as Mrs. said...

haha love the technology comment! McKenzie is totally like this too. She is always trying to grab my phone and now the laptop. It's made me realize maybe i need to step away for a little bit and spend time with her! :) She's such a lil petite thing! or Kenz is just a lil chunker! :)