Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tessa's Favorites - Sleep

Sleep is kinda important... right?
Sometimes I feel like Tessa does not realize this.
So I now understand why moms take drastic measures in helping their babies sleep.
Because a sleepy baby = a cranky baby.

Here are a few items that were life savers for us in these early days.

I'm pretty sure it was by night three of Tessa being home,
that we realized the beauty of the sound soother.
Soothes you baby to sleep and keeps your baby asleep!
Plus, when they come in such a cute package like a plush lamb...
Who wouldn't want one of those, right?

I love these Muslin Swaddling Blankets for two very different reasons.

1. The obvious reason... swaddling.
These blankets are super big, super light weight,
and perfect when it comes to getting a tight swaddle.
Which is important when you have a super squirmy baby
who does not necessarily like to be swaddled at first.
But with these blankets, I was able to get a perfect swaddle
which would keep Tessa from flailing her arms around and waking herself up.
Tessa was also a summer baby and the muslin material was perfect
for keeping her warm but not overheated.

2. Nursing Cover.
I bought a cute "official" nursing cover before Tessa was born
and I was super excited to start using it.
But after a week of trying to get the hang of it,
I tossed it in the corner of the nursery and haven't used it since.
Maybe it was because it didn't have one of those wire liners that help you see your baby.
Or maybe I'm was just to lazy at trying to put the thing on.
I found that using one of these swaddling blankets worked perfectly
because I can just drape it over Tessa and call it good.

I debated putting this item on the list because I know that Co-Sleeping is not for everyone,
but for our family, it was a very important step in our bonding process.
From the moment I gave birth to Tessa I knew that when it came to sleeping at night,
I would not be comfortable with her anywhere else other than snuggling right next to me.
So Micah and I found that this Co-Sleeper was great for having her in the bed with us
while still knowing that she was safe from any harms way.
The guard rails that come halfway down the sleeper was a perfect barrier
that made me feel safe as she slept between us throughout the night.
For our next baby (yes, I'm already planning)
I really want to invest in an Arms Reach Co-Sleeper.

I just have to say... Bouncers are amazing.
They are portable, so they can go with you practically everywhere.
They follow you to the kitchen while you make your morning coffee and breakfast.
They travel to the bathroom so you can take a shower.
And they gently keep your baby asleep when you lay her down to take a nap...
Especially when she refuses to take naps in her crib. 

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