Friday, February 7, 2014

52 Weeks in a Year Series - Week Five

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Out of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen is turning out to be our favorite.
One of the main reasons is because it is the brightest and sunniest room in our house.
And it has been gloriously sunny here these past few days.
But with the winter sunshine comes two thing...
 1. The bitter cold. I'm not even joking, yesterday morning it was -22 degrees outside.
 2. We do not go outside. And after being coped up for a few days, we NEED to get out of the house.
But the closest thing we will get to being outside is the sunny warmth
of the winter sunshine pouring through the kitchen windows.

In other news, Tessa has been growing and changing like a weed!
I feel like her little personality has been getting more and more distinct
and it's so fun to see who God has created her to be.
One thing that I have noticed in the past week is her curiosity.
It's out of control!
She wants to touch everything, see everything, taste everything.
She will start at one end of the room, roll all the way over to the other end to check something out, then roll all the way back again to play with a different toy.
I have a feeling that once she begins to crawl were gonna need one eye on her at all times.
 Have a great weekend!


Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

Tessa Brian and I are dying over here in Washington.

LaDonna Childress said...

I had such a wonderful time with you and Tessa. I can't wait to return to Montana and my two girls for another visit...such special memories!!!