Thursday, February 20, 2014

Tessa - 8 Months Old


Clothing Size:
Tessa is wearing anything from 6-9 months clothing
to 6-12 month clothing (depending on the brand).
She definitely had a growth spurt!

Eye Color:

It's getting lighter and lighter.
Still has that hint of Strawberry Blond!

We have tooth #2!
This one was a bit more painful popping through but Tess did great.
She ran her first "teething" fever last night (100.5 degrees)...
boy was that a nerve wracking experience for mommy.
Daddy did great at helping out though.
He cooked and cleaned so that I could snuggle Tessa all night.
Other than being more cuddly and going to bed a few hours earlier,
she didn't seem to be in much pain.
Babies are so tough when it comes to fevers.
Last time I ran a fever of 100.5, I thought I was going to die. ;)

She has got the hang of moving forward now.
She's not up and crawling on all fours yet,
but she is pushing with her feet, face planting,
then dragging back up with her arms...
SO cute to watch!

She loves repeating the same words.
This month it has been all about the...

She does seem to say "Mamamamama" whenever she is wanting something though.
For example, when she is starting to cry or is protesting about something
and wants me to pick her up.
She will then start to repeat: Mamamama
Could she really be calling for me??
Is it too early for that??? 

Tessa loves it when you sing to her, especially if the song has hand motions.
She LOVES "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" or when I use sign language while singing ABC's.
She is now beginning to think that EVERYTHING is a toy.
Things like the computer, the phones, paper, wipes, remotes,
chunks of wood from the fire wood that we have missed picking up off the ground...
you know, anything that is NOT TO BE PLAYED WITH! :/
This of course means that I now go around the house
meticulously picking up every item that could possibly be dangerous.

Like I posted a few months ago, I have come to terms with Tessa not sleeping through the night.
She is still going to bed anywhere between 6-7pm
and she will still wake up every few hours at night to nurse.
But what has thrown us for a loop this month
is that it has become a bit harder to lay her down to sleep.
We will rock her to sleep and then begin to put her in her crib.
But the MOMENT her body hits the mattress,
she will jolt awake and begin to whimper and cry until we pick her back up.
Some nights we will try to put her back to sleep in her crib 4 or 5 times
before we eventually bring her into the bed with us to finish off the night.

Nap-times are not any easier either.
She will take two naps a day
(one in the morning and one in the afternoon).
She will fall asleep quickly and stay asleep when we place her in her crib.
The only hard part (and this is really hard on this mama)
is that her naps are maybe 20 minutes... 30 minutes is a good day.
Some days I can handle it fine, other days I just need a bit more "regrouping" time.
A few weeks ago a miracle happened...
We went out on a walk and she fell asleep about 10 minutes before we returned home.
I left her in the stroller to finish her nap and thought to myself, I'll take a nap too...
Since I figured she would only sleep another 15 minutes.
The next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was an hour later!
She slept for over an hour!
I took an hour nap!
After I (of course) checked to make sure she was still breathing,
I didn't even know what to do with myself.
Seriously, it was a miracle.

Meal Time:
Tessa has tried a few new things this month...
Chicken (she was kinda skeptical at first)
Goat's Milk Kefir (she LOVES it mixed with sweet potato)
I also gave her a bit of a pickle I was eating, she surprisingly liked it.
Her favorite food by far is the Fish Roe,
she gets so excited when I feed it to her and she will keep demanding for more.

Tessa's Favorites:
Tessa loves watching the washer and dryer.
Whenever I carry her into the kitchen she will keep her eyes glued to them.
She will even wrench around backward if she is in my arms to try and watch them.
Because I know she loves them so much, whenever I know a load is going,
I will make a little "play spot" with toys, so she can go back and forth
between watching the washer and dryer, and playing with the toys.

Mommy's favorites:
She is beginning to get more interested in books.
Before she would just want to grab at the book and play with it,
but now she will listen for a while, then she will look up at my face and watch me read,
then look back at the book again.
I love to see her face as she looks at me with wide eyed wonder.

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