Sunday, March 16, 2014

52 Weeks in a Year - Week Nine

"A portrait of my child, once a week, every week, in 2014."
Did I skip a week?
I feel like I skipped a week somewhere in here.
Oh well, I'm just going to continue to pretend that it's week nine.
My poor sleep deprived brain can't count anymore.
I love this picture because, not only is my sweet Tessa so happy,
it reminds me to not be a toy snob.
Let me elaborate...
Micah and I both are not the hugest fans of brightly colored, flashy, plastic kid toys.
We will walk up and down the toy isle at Target
and just cringe at the amount of ugly toys there are.
We (especially me) are so picky with the things that we buy,
we have found it so hard to buy one of these tacky toys.
(cue me eating my words)
Well, today in church, Tessa found the toy pictured above.
A huge, plastic, flashy, brightly colored, noisy toy 
that she thought was the most amazing thing EVER.
She was so happy and content exploring every inch of the toy.
I'm eating my words big time because I'm pretty sure
we will be purchasing a big plastic toy in the near future.
Babies, they keep you humble and not a toy snob.

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