Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tessa - 9 Months Old

16.5 lbs

Clothing Size:
She is still wearing anywhere from 6-12 month tops and onsies.
But when it comes to pants and leggings, she is now needing to wear 12 month sizes.
She just might have some long legs!

Eye Color:


Still only two teeth right now.

Oh boy, we have hit some milestones this month.
Not only is she crawling around everywhere,
but she also pulled herself up to a standing position just yesterday!
She loves exploring the house now that she can crawl
and she just realized that she can now follow Mommy from room to room.

I am almost completely convinced
that she is saying "Mama" and meaning me...
or at least a part of me.
She has now begun to say "Mama" and reach for me when she wants to nurse.
(not to mention grabbing and pulling down my shirt too) :/
She will also say "Mama" if she wants me to pick her up.
Everything else she says is still baby babble.
She also loves to blow bubbles with her spit and make a "mah" sound.

Tessa is curious about everything.
Which means she is getting into practically everything.
Some of her favorite "toys" to investigate are...
Laundry Basket
Bookcase and Books
the "big" Piano
Silas's Bed
Washer and Dryer
Dish Washer door.

She also loves to sit in my lap while she is playing with toys
and crawling all over mommy and daddy.

I read a WONDERFUL article on the Kelly Mom website that really encouraged me
to keep a realistic view on Tessa's sleep patterns.
I totally recommend checking out the article
if you are dealing with a baby that doesn't sleep through the night.

Meal Time:
Tessa has tried a few new foods this month...
Raw Cheese (shredded)
Pot Roast (small pieces of the soft meat)
Coconut Flour Pancakes (one of her favorites now)

Tessa's Favorites:
She loves to go outside.
One day this month, I bundled her up and we walked down the street to pick up our mail.
We were gone only 5 minutes before we headed back home.
But the instant we stepped inside the house, she began to cry and cry.
I then realized that we need to get OUT more.
So I strapped her on me again, we put the leash on the dog, and we went on a longer walk.
Summer can't get her quick enough.

Mommy's favorites:
She is starting to snuggle and hug us now.
Especially when she just wakes up from a nap.
She will place her head on your chest and just let you hold her
until she is fully awake and ready to play again. 
Such sweet sweet moments.

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