Sunday, March 22, 2009


I have had this
"collection of styles",
as I like to call it,
on my desktop
for quite a while now.

Each time I found
an ensemble that
stood out to me,
I would save it
for future
shopping references.

Here is what
I like best
about each outfit...

This whole outfit
is wonderful,
but the bag
is what really makes
it stand out to me.

The pants,
the heals,
the scarf,
the blazer;
I love it all.

These days
I have been obsessed
with the 1930's,
therefore I love
this dress
paired with
this scarf.

This outfit
just screams
Mary Poppins...
I love it!

I love the neutral
sand and gray colors
layered on top of each other...
and those tights are amazing!

I found all of these via:
Garance Dore
The Sartorialist

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