Monday, March 9, 2009

Costume Lovers Beware... might spend
way to much time
on this site.

The Costumer's Guide
is pure eye candy.

Here are a few
of my favorite
from a few of my
favorite movies.

Sleepy Hallow
I saw this movie
right after I graduated

High School.
I love this striped dress
seen at the end of the movie.

Pride & Prejudice
I can watch
this movie

Shakespeare in Love
I loved this movie so much,
I even memorized lines from it
after it came out to buy.

The Phantom of the Opera
Even though
it was not as good
as the stage adaption,
I still loved it.

So beautiful.

Marie Antoinette
This movie is pure eye candy.
And this is only one
of the many costumes
that I loved.

The Series of Unfortunate Events
I could definitely have
this coat
in my wardrobe.

Interview with a Vampire
Yes, secret confession #1...
I love this movie.
Saw it in High School...
then read the books.
These (tragic) bright colored dresses
were my favorite.

Who did not want to be Lily
when this movie came out.

Beautifully Pink.

Tragic but
one of my
favorite movies.

I would wear this
1930's dress
the color is my
absolute favorite.


Anonymous said...

Love every selection. We share almost exactly the same taste. Good to know :)

A "cheery" disposition said...

The first dress is my fav.