Monday, July 2, 2012

Jolly Edition

Call me silly, but do you want to know what I look forward to the most
when it starts to get warmer outside... taking Silas for his daily walks.

I secretly wish we could take him everywhere we go. But he's somewhat of a is a large dog.
I'm talking 150lbs of hair... and drool... and stink... and in-your-face-ness.
Not to mention the fact that he's stronger than me,
and if he wants to go say his to someone or something,
no amount of "holding in the reigns"
can keep him from dragging me along too. 

That is why I am sharing this lovely art by Jolly Edition with you today.
When I see these, they make me want to take Silas for a walk.


Alida said...

Hello Jennifer. Thank you for visiting my site. You have a lovely blog with a very interesting content!

melissa said...

cute drawings

melissa said...

cool drawings

loveletters and snippets said...

These pictures are SO cute! They make me want to go dog walking, and I do not even have a dog! :-(