Sunday, July 22, 2012

Sunday Morning Breakfast

Good Morning Everyone!

What are you plans today? Resting and Relaxing? Or Working?
I have a combo of both on my plate today.
I do plan on having some relax time...
but we have another church team visiting our campus this week.
So that means more baking.
Like baking enough brownies for 130 people tonight.

Even though I'll be baking a ton tonight,
I still was in the mood for something sweet this morning for breakfast.
So Huckleberry Scones with Cream satisfied me. 

Have a great Sunday!


Montana said...

You have a really sweet and lovely blog! I love the mix of food, inspiration and style!

Treasure State

Veronika said...

Hey Mama! I got an award & so did you! =) Click here to accept it…one behalf of me & everyone who loves you! Congrats, Sweetheart! XO