Friday, April 12, 2013

Spring Cleaning...or um...decorating.

Orla Kiely

Spring-time is here and whenever Spring rolls around
I always get an itch to (no, not clean) but redecorate.
After the long Winter months of being couped up in the house,
I begin to over analyze every decorating decision I have made.
Thus, by the Spring, I am so ready for change
that I seriously have to hold myself back
from spending all my money on new and bright items.

For example, yesterday I stumbled upon the Orla Kiely website
and found so so so many things that would brighten up my home...

1. A bright and cheery throw rug that would match my sofa perfectly
(and brighten up the bad decision I made 5 years ago
when I decided that a RED sofa would be awesome.
5 years later = not so awesome). 

2. Also, a few pillows to brighten up... well, lets just call the sofa "big red".

3. I just love those canisters! So bright and spring-y...
and you can never have enough canisters in my opinion.

4. Pot holders to match too. You can never have enough of those either.

5. And don't forget the coffee mugs.
Drinking my morning (decaf) joe out of those
would definitely put a smile on my face. 

1 comment:

Kendra Castillo said...

haha, this is exactly what I did last night, I set out planning on cleaning but really just redecorated :) (I guess you are cleaning when you're moving things around.. right? )