Friday, June 14, 2013

36 Week Update

Is that a basket ball under my shirt?
Nope, it's just my growing belly!

I can't even believe that I'm 36 weeks pregnant.
Last night, as I was trying to go to sleep,
I began to cry out of happiness at the goodness of God
and the miracle baby that he has given Micah and I.
Just to think that at this exact moment last year we were believing
that we would never be able to biologically have children.
And now, in less than a week, I'll be considered full term in my pregnancy.
God knew, of course.

How Far Along:
  36 Weeks

Size of the Baby:
Baby Girl is the size of a melon and weighs about 5-6lbs.

Maternity Clothes:
I bought a few tank tops at Target.
I normally wear a small and then a few months ago I needed to bump it up to a medium.
Well, today, I had to purchase a few in the large size.

Weight gain:
It fluctuates now between a 31 pound gain and a 33 pound gain
(depending on what I ate for dinner).

My hips, legs, and back get super achy when I lay on one side for two long.
So I'm constantly tossing back and forth all night.
But I haven't had any bouts of insomnia yet
(I hear they are more frequent in the last stages of pregnancy).

Best Moment of the Week:
My Maternity Photo Shoot!
She's still moving around in there.
Luckily she is positioned with her head down
(please stay that way Baby Girl!)
so I feel her kicking her little feet toward the top of my belly and under my ribs.

Food Cravings:
Still no cravings.
But I have been drinking TONS of Red Raspberry Leaf Tea in preparation for birth.
I'll make a few cups at a time and put it in the fridge
so that I can have refreshing iced tea all day long.

Baby Girl.

Belly Button in or out:
It's half-way out.
But you can definitely see it poking out now through my clothing.

Wedding ring on or off:

Anything making you queasy or sick:
I'm officially back to the "no eggs" diet again.

What I miss:
Easily getting out of bed or off the sofa...
Actually, I miss easily getting up from any sitting or laying position that I might be in.

What I am looking forward to:
I have been really curious lately as to what size my Midwives will predict
Baby Girl to be when she is born.
I really just want to know if all the cute newborn outfits will fit her!

All that is left to be done is the installment of a clothing rod in the closet.
I keep the door open to the nursery all the time
and I am constantly just walking in there and staring at everything. 
I will even sit in the rocker glider chair and just daydream or read.

Ways to Relax:
Almost done with Gone With The Wind.
Only 300 pages to go!
By far one of the biggest books I have ever read...
but sooooo worth it!


Alyson Steiner said...

So happy for you! God is so good! Can't wait to see her in your arms soon!

Heather Lake said...

This is my favorite "week" picture yet! So beautiful!

Emmett Katherine said...

congrats on your little girl, such a happy time :) Enjoy the homestretch before you meet your little one!