Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Gardening - Maternity Photo Shoot

Micah and I were beyond blessed this week
to have two dear friends come stay with us for the weekend.

It was wonderful to catch up after a few years of not seeing them,
visit a few of our favorite summer restaurants,
and have a spontaneous maternity photo shoot!

Our friend Ean Perkins is such a gifted photographer.
So when he suggested doing a photo shoot
(which I had not even considered beforehand having maternity pictures),
I did not hesitate to say yes!

I am so amazed at how they turned out
and I am absolutely positive that we will be framing one for Baby Girl's room. 

Which one should we choose to frame??


LaDonna Childress said...

All the pictures are favorites are the last two. I love the way you're looking at Micah and his're simply beautiful in both.

Mackenzie @ Life of a Pint-Sized Mama said...

You might just be the most beautiful pregnant woman I know. (Micah, not so much) :) Seriously, that first photo is RIDICULOUS. Love you!

Heather Lake said...

OH MY GOODNESS those are SOOO beautiful Jenn!

I love them all so much! You are so beautiful!

Kendra Castillo said...

These are absolutely adorable! It is going to be so hard to choose one :)

Hannah said...

Found your through the Influence link-up. These pictures are so lovely!!! I might pick the first one to frame if I was you. :)

Rachel said...

These photos are so gorgeous!