Monday, June 17, 2013


Oh my obsession with cute baby clothes
has just grown and grown and grown.
Just look at that bonnet!!!
I am dying over this collection
created by robedellarobi.

I guess that is a normal thing when your expecting,
to be obsessed with all things baby.

Now that I am almost 37 weeks (only 3 more days!)
and almost officially "full term",
I have begun the "washing" process of all the cute baby clothes
that I have been given or have collected throughout the past few months.
But I'm wondering...
Should I wash just the "newborn" size?
Or should I wash the newborn AND the 0-3month size?
All you mama's out there, I would love your advice.


robedellarobi said...

So happy to be here!
Thank you! This is really a great surprise!
I wish all the best for your wonderful pregnancy.
Ciao from Italy

robedellarobi said...
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