Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Vintage Peter Rabbit Nursery

You know what I realized the other day...
I haven't shared with you pictures of Tessa's Nursery.

To be honest I have actually been putting it off because I felt the Nursery wasn't "ready".
If you remember, Tessa decided to arrive three weeks earlier than her due date,
so the Nursery wasn't quite finished when she was born.
So I kept saying to myself... "I finish her nursery soon".
Well, "soon" has come and gone and I have come to the realization
that the room will never be perfectly finished.
The walls won't get painted, pictures won't be hung,
the mobile over her crib will probably never get straightened,
and the knobs on her dresser are still broken.
But you know what...
I LOVE her Nursery anyways!

I feel so blessed by how many people came together to help contribute to Tessa's Nursery.
Once friends and family found out that we wanted a Peter Rabbit Themed Nursery,
we were receiving items left and right to decorate her Nursery with.
A gorgeous handmade Baby Quilt.
Vintage Baby Books.
Tessa's first Complete Tales of Peter Rabbit Series.
A Peter Rabbit Blackberry Game.
A Beswick Jemima Puddleduck figurine.
 And those are just to name a few.
We were truly blesses.

Here are a few pictures of her Vintage Inspired Peter Rabbit Nursery...



life as Mrs. said...

I love it! Love the curtain rod and shelves especially!

Heather Lake said...

I love Tessa's room! You did such a great job on it Jenn!

Naomi said...

*Gasp* I love Peter Rabbit! That is a really nice nursery!