Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tessa's Feeding Essentials

I mentioned in Tessa's 7 month update that we have started feeding her solid foods.
This experience has simultaneously been the most fun yet extremely terrifying experience so far.
The process of trying out new food and praying that she both does not choke on it nor is allergic to it.
Teaching her how to use the sippy-cup and again praying that she does not inhale the water.
That happened once and I seriously had a mini heart-attack!
Dealing with many consecutive days of "no poop"
and wondering if she is getting constipated or if this is normal.
But with all that said, this has also been such an exciting time.
Being able to watch her excitement and approval in her newly found favorite foods...
butter, fish roe, fermented cod liver oil, peaches, blueberries, sweet potato.
And seeing her funny reaction as she recoils and shakes her head no
at the foods she would rather pass by... aka broccoli.
I can see her personality coming out so much as she tries to communicate to me
whether she wants more to eat or something to drink.

I mentioned that we followed the Baby Led Weaning method
when it came to introducing solids to Tessa.
I have been so happy with our decision to stick to that.
Even our Pediatrician was on board with our decision.
And sure enough, right around 6 months,
Tessa was showing signs (big time) that she was ready to eat.
Right around Christmas, as we all sat around the dinner table,
I reached over and scooped up a bit of butter with my finger and offered it to her.
No joking, she grabbed my finger and began to suck the butter off like it was going out of style.
And she kept wanting more and more.
She's just like her mommy and daddy... can't eat enough butter in our opinions.
The only thing we have done differently than the baby led weaning,
is that I do puree some of her food and I taught her to use the spoon when eating pureed foods.
Which is a great way to segment into some of my favorite feeding essentials!
Here are a few items that have become invaluable to us...

I actually found ours at a consignment store for $20!
I wasn't originally planning on buying one, but for $20... that's a steal.
And I am so happy that I bought it too.
For those days where I don't have time (or energy) to make something fresh for Tessa to eat,
having a stash of frozen pureed foods that I can just whip out has been wonderful.
It's also great to use for steaming food, even if I'm not going to puree it.

I am in love with this high chair.
Absolutely in love.
It's super easy to clean, light-weight, has a great modern style, and best of all... it's small.
It fits perfectly into our small kitchen without taking up so much space that were tripping over it.
And it fits right up to our kitchen table so we can all eat together as a family.

I'm in love with these glass bottles as well.
So much in love, I even bought a matching glass water bottle for myself.
Now me and Tessa can be twinsies!
The entire bottle, including all components, is completely free of known toxins
including BPA, phthalates, polycarbonates, and PVC.
One of the main reasons why I bought them... that and they are super cute!
Since we never bottle fed Tessa, I only have two glass bottles that we use.
Which, in my mind, totally justifies the price of $12 a bottle! :/

Yup... the bottles have a sippy-cup attachment!
Another huge reason why I love these.

Read my earlier blog post for these awesome items.

These have been great for the times when we are out, either at a restaurant or over at a friends,
and we don't want Tessa to feel left out during meal times.
Just pack some food for her in these containers, throw it in the diaper bag, and your good to go!

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Hi Jenn,

This is Lesley Neustein. I wanted to share with you some posts that I thought you may find interesting as Tessa is eating solid foods now. I am getting ready to go to school as a Montessori guide for 0-3 year olds and this is a link to a blog of someone I know in the Montessori community (she is trained in Infants to 3 year olds and has twin daughters). Anyhow, here is the link: