Monday, January 20, 2014

Tessa - 7 Months Old


Clothing Size:
Tessa is officially out of size 3-6 month clothing.
She is now wearing 6 month and 6-9 month clothing.

Eye Color:

I would definitely say it's Strawberry Blond.
I'm so thrilled by this!!!

Still only one tooth, but I'm pretty sure that another one will pop out soon.

Were on the move!
Not only is she now rolling all over the floor,
she has started pushing herself backwards!
She can get pretty far pretty quickly when she's on the wood floor.
She has also started to get up on her hands and knees and rock back and forth.
I'm pretty sure we'll be crawling by next month.

Tessa has started to use the "B" sound.
She just loves to talk in the mornings
and wake mommy and daddy up with her

Now that she's sitting up really well, toys are so much fun.
I'll just pile a bunch around her and she will play with each one, one by one.
Some of the toys she gravitates to are...
(now that I write that list...
she pretty much likes anything that makes noise)
She also loves to "fly".
Anytime you lift her up in the air over your head
you will get the biggest smile ever.

This area hasn't changed since last month.
She is still waking about every 3 hours to nurse.
She has transitioned into taking 2 naps a day instead of taking a bunch of "cat-naps".
The funny (or not so funny depending on the day) thing is, her naps are still "cat-naps".
She will take a nap around 11am and 3pm, both being about 20 minutes each. 
Some days I'm okay with that and some days mama needs a bit more time to regroup. 

Meal Time:
I've added a new section because Tessa has begun to eat solid foods now!!!
We decided to follow Baby Led Weaning when it came to introducing solid foods
and I am so happy that we waited for her to show cues that she was ready.
Her first foods have been...
Egg Yolks
Sweet Potatoes

Tessa's Favorites:
There are so many things that I can share for this section.
She still LOVES the mirror and looking at her reflection.
She loves people and whenever anyone smiles at her.
But one thing that she has begun to notice... Silas!
She loves her puppy.
When he walks past her she will just watch him so intently.
And, if she is in her high chair and he walks by,
she will lunge out to try and grab him.

Mommy's favorites:
I am absolutely loving our meal times.
I am cherishing the time I get to spend with her as I prepare our meals,
then as we sit down to eat together.
Especially dinner time when Daddy is home.
Watching her try new food and seeing her facial expressions
when she takes her first bite is priceless.
And it has been wonderful to see her learn to communicate to us to let us know
when she wants more food, wants water, or is done.

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