Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine Violet DIY

There is something about Violets
that just say...

"I Love You".

I think it's because
when I see them
everything just seems
a bit sweeter.

So here is a fun and

DIY for
Valentine's Day.

 Here is what you need...

1 hole punch
card punch (in what ever shape you like)
2 pieces of paper
1 paper lunch sac
1 potted violet

Step 1...

With the paper bag still closed,
cut the paper bag to the desired height.
Then cut rounds onto the top of the bag.

Step 2...

With your hole punch,
punch 6 holes into the top of the bag
(evenly spaced).

 Step 3...

Open the paper bag then loop twine through the holes punched.

Step 4...

 Tie the ends of the twine together,
adding your customized paper cut-outs
(so you can write a special note).

Step 5...

 Add the beautiful violet!

This is such a sweet gift
to give to a neighbor on
Valentine's Day.

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