Thursday, May 31, 2012

Current Crush: Garden


It's no surprise that I like love to garden.
And as Spring turns into Summer, gardening seems to be consuming my mind.
Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. 

So here are a few items that I am loving at the moment.

Every gardener has to have the perfect summer outfit, right? I knew you would agree.
And the perfect gardening and preserving essentials... that's a must.


Daisy said...

I'm with you! The only thing I hate is the bugs. Grrr.

Carly said...

Love this! Those jars are awesome!


Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

That is a pretty perfect gardening outfit! Love the mint green of the dress! I wish I could garden...haha, I don't exactly have a green thumb. :)


Designs By Emily F said...

I love the collage you put together! <3

Chelsea said...

I can't wait til my boyfriend and I get our own place, I'm going to make myself a little veggie garden!! The thought of it is so exciting to me haha....absolutely cannot wait :) Thanks for linking up!

erica marie said...

This outfit is lovely...makes me want to have a garden of my own.

xo erica

Chelsea said...

I'm only in college, where keeping a garden is not an easy task. But I hope to cultivate one when I have my own home!

Emily said...

if only i were good at gardening. i think i'll stick to terrariums. :)