Thursday, May 17, 2012

J. Peterman Company

I have always been one to wear dresses.
And not just for special occasions... I'm talking all the time.
In high school, when everyone else was trying to be casual and cool, I was in a dress.
At work, people always commented saying:
"Oh your dressed up today, where are you off to?"
I would reply: "Just my office" or "Just enjoying the day".

Hence the reason these dresses by J. Peterman Company caught my eye.

Yes, you are viewing them correctly!
They are hand illustrated drawings of dresses that J. Peterman Co. offers.
Instead of just taking pictures of their inventory, they get their items illustrated
(doesn't that make it seem all the more romantic). 

I can just see myself now...
strolling down the streets of Paris, Vienna, or Rome,
wearing one of these dresses,
a big sun hat on my head,
and a fabulous satchel purse to match.

1 comment:

bridget anne said...

we were made to be friends! i've always been the tiniest bothered when people ask me that, inevitably every day...i think people should have fun dressing & you should always dress how you want! i think in decades past people dressed more romantically & i've got no problem getting back to that school of thought! xo.