Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday List

Here is my list of wonderful things
that I have found this past week.

Petite Diamond Rings.
Are they not so delicate.

These ceramic cups make me
want to take another trip to the
paint-it-yourself pottery shop.
I would so copy this design.

Socks with heals again!
I think that confirms my desire
(and now justification)
for going out this weekend
to buy some dainty socks
so that I can wear them
with my oxfords.

And can I mention the purse....
Makes me want a vintage Chanel so badly.
via: garance dore

I wish that summer would just get here.
These bathing suites are perfect.

Oh, what a beautiful getaway.
I will dream of sleeping here tonight.
via: country home

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