Thursday, February 19, 2009


It feels like forever
since the last time
I was able to just play
on the computer.

Here is what I found today

I am in love with ruffles.
Ever since I saw Kelly
wear them paired with jeans
and a v-neck sweater
I have been in love.


Socks with heals?...
yes please!

via:Cherry Blossom Girl

I love the vintage clothing found on this site...
Clever Nettle

Flower Headbands are so pretty.


I would love to spend some time
at this retreat.
After this week,
I need to curl up
with a good book and some coffee.

1 comment:

Kelly said...

you know whats funny......after years and years of knowing each other and not even seeing each other very often, we still shop alike. LOL. How funny is it that we both went to the largest forever 21 in the state and end up with the same shirt in our hand. Darn, I wish I bought it hehe! I want a flower headband now after you showed me them!