Monday, February 9, 2009

Happy 2 years till I'm 30

What a special Birthday.
My "two years till I'm 30" birthday.

It actually turned out to be a two day brithday!

I made a trip down to Santa Monica to meet up
with one of my longest and dearest friends.
I have know Kelly for 25 years.
And even though we live hundreds of miles apart,
when we get together it feels like we were never apart.

So we shopped in Santa Monica...
Ate a birthday cupcake at Fred Segal...

And had our fortune told on the Santa Monica Pier.

On the second day,
Micah took me to my favorite place on earth...

Since we went on February 8th (my birthday),
I was able to get into Disneyland for free!
What a wonderful surprise from Micah.

This is my favorite spot in Disneyland.
It is the Snow White Fountain.
My mom has a picture of me when I was 5 years old
standing in this same spot.
23 years ago!

Loving Disneyland...
Not to happy about riding "It's a Small World".
The song kinda gets stuck in your head.

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