Thursday, August 21, 2008

Get out your rain boots

It is nearing the end of summer. I can tell this by the drastic changes in the weather pattern. Two days ago it was a beautiful hot summer day (around 90 degrees) and then in 24 hours it dropped....and it kept dropping. Now it is rainy and cold and about 59 degrees outside. I like the rain, I love it actually, but I was beginning to enjoy the late summer blooms of all my flowers. Especially the flowers that I planted 4 months ago which are now starting to bloom. Like my sweet pea. I Planted that a long time ago and after battling with the deer (who ate it down to a nub one night) it finally got one flower on it. I was so excited. But of course now the weather has dropped and I will be shocked if it continues to bloom anymore this season. Sigh. Here are some pictures of my favorite flowers that I have in my garden.

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Anonymous said...

i am jealous of your beautiful flowers. please teach me your ways:)