Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Steamer Trunk

When I was a little girl my favorite toy was my Samantha Doll. Samantha came with a small (doll size) steamer trunk in which you could store all her clothing and accessories. It has been one of my life goals to get my own (life size) steamer trunk...a life goal that has just come true. Micah and I were antique shopping last winter when we found this. I instantly fell in love with it, but me being the tight purse that I am, decided against buying it. It only took Micah a few weeks to secretly buy it for my birthday.


Anonymous said...

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becoming whole said...

Hi Jen. Happy to see you.

Mom said...

...speaking of Sam, she'll be in the curio with Kirsten until you want her for your own home...or daughter. And when Jillian has a girl you can both come visit their Nana in Seattle...the one who buys a two story Victorian and opens up an American Girl Shop. I'm such a little girl, Lol.
I Love You, Mom