Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vacation - Day 2

Big Mountain is great in many ways. One of the reasons is that this winter resort is open in the summer. They keep the chair lifts (or gondolas) open all summer so that people can ride to the top of the mountain and view the beauty of glacier park and the Canadian Rockies. Both Micah and I visited this place 2 years ago, right before we were married. It was wonderful to be able to come back, remember the memories of the last time, and make new ones.

Huckleberries are HUGE around here. And I was so tempted to start filling up buckets with all the huckleberries that scattered the mountain. We love huckleberry pancakes!

We followed some of the trails, but did not venture far. Neither Micah or I brought our hiking shoes.

Our must needed coffee (and Chai for me) for the long gondola ride up. We had to stay warm!

I absolutely love wild flowers. I think next year I will buy a pack of wild flower mix and just scatter it about my back yard. So that I can have fresh bundles of wild flowers all summer long.

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Natali said...

I'm so jealous! I love riding the lifts, but I'm terrified of skiing. I suck at it. You know the cartoons where a person just tumbles down, becoming a human snowball? Yeah, that's me. It looks beautiful where you are! Keep having fun!